Vote Today! Orlando Restaurants in Zagat

It's time! Zagat is putting together it's next America's Top Restaurants book. We need your input. Orlando Restaurants in Zagat

Zagat America's Top Restaurants is a slim paperback that lists the top 40 restaurants in each of several cities, including Orlando. The ratings come straight from "surveyors"--that's you. So do the comments. The editors (including me) pour through every single word surveyors submit. We then boil surveyor comments down to the essence of each restaurant.

The result is super-helpful blurbs for diners, by diners.

The reviews will also appear online. Here are reviews from the last survey of Orlando restaurants in Zagat.

Bonus! Take the time to be a surveyor and you get free New York Times access for eight week. Submit 10 reviews and you'll receive the actual Zagat America's Tops book for free.

If you care about Orlando's restaurants, help spread the word about our best. Feel free to trash our worst.  You will, absolutely, be heard. Here's the link.

Eat enthustiastically, Rona