The Pickypants Family, Part 2

Background: For a friend's Christmas dinner, I baked a chocolate "decadence" cake from the Silver Palate Cookbook. 

Making the dessert included melting chocolate, beating egg whites, sifting flour ...


. Son No. 1 --

who has preferred processed foods to fresh

since he was a baby -- wasn't thrilled with it. 

A couple of days after Christmas, he and a friend baked their own cake in the wee hours, apparently in tribute to the movie they'd just seen,

Django Unchained

. This conversation happened the following morning.

Son: We made a white cake last night.


I saw. It looks great. What'd you do, use a mix?

Son, defensively:

Yes, we used a mix. It was good.


That's great. Most people use mixes. They don't make things from scratch like I do. There's nothing wrong with that.


And it's better.