Bubble Tea Bonanza at Chewy Boba Company

I've been searching for jasmine milk bubble tea since this fab place called something like Q Time closed a few years ago. It was near Orlando's 1st Oriental Supermarket. Bingo!  A small local chain called Chewy Boba Company sells that and way more. Peach tea with boba at Chewy Boba Company

We stumbled up on the Mills 50 unit, which is near a bunch of Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants.

Avoiding the caffeine of the jasmine milk tea I so desperately want to try, I got the peach tea with boba, or bubbles. They'are large chewy balls of tapioca.

It was so good. It tasted like a mixture of black tea and peach flavoring. So much for avoiding caffeine. Worth it!

I don't know why anyone would order almond milk boba tea when they could have hazelnut or honeydew or strawberry lychee or papaya avocado, but for almond milk tea my companion's beverage was A-OK.

Almond milk tea with boba

The shop is cute and hip, with a colorful mural and funny T-shirts.



French-style macaron cookies are also for sale.

Chewy boba

Eat enthusiastically,