Take a Look at this Gorgeous Chile Relleno. Stunning!

Chile rellenos is one of those simple Mexican dishes with a mighty flavor. It's a roasted spicy green pepper stuffed with cheese and topped with a red sauce, usually. It looks as blob on a plate with a splash of color on top. Paxia uptakes its Mexican fare, and its chile relleno is a prime example. Look at this. It is gorgeous!

Paxia's chile relleno

Taste-wise, I prefer the humble version at places like El Tenampa. Paxia's take is lightly breaded, not battered, and possibly baked, not fried. The filling is mostly shrimp and eggplant and the sauce is from roasted red peppers. There's even a sauce-painting design. It sounds astonishingly delicious, but my companion and I weren't wowed. I do, however, enjoy much of Paxia's menu, which is why I'd returned for another meal.

Felt compelled to share.

Eat enthusiastically,