Like Boys' Toys? Lodge at Legoland Hotel

Good luck getting to your room at the new Legoland Hotel, parents. Book the room, for sure. Allot loads of time in the hotel. Then prepare to wait ... and wait ... and wait ... because your kids will be too engaged to even get into the elevator. And you still won't be close to that bed. The main Lego pit at the Legoland Hotel Florida

When Legoland Hotel open on Friday, May 15, it will be a magnet for families with Lego-loving kids.

Legoland Hotel is located right near the entrance to the Legoland Florida theme park -- "150 kid steps," to be exact, according to an executive. The entire lodging facility is Lego-centric, from the theming to the accessories. The resort caters to adults as well as kids. Witness: the lounge with a full bar.

Legoland Hotel Florida

Here are some highlights.

You'll be greeted with some of the Legoland Hotel's 2,000 "models," as the creations are called, before you reach the registration desk.

A large castle stands tall in the lobby. "Face characters" visit often, entertaining children who otherwise might be building, and building, and building, in the Lego pits there and elsewhere in the lobby.

Characters interact with children at the lobby castle.

Here's an official photo of the castle. (Chip Litherland for LEGOLAND Florida/Merlin Entertainments Group Inc.)

The hotel also has its own "master builder shop and classroom."

Master Model Builder Workshop

More lobby fun

You think you're done, right? You can go to the room and rest? Ha!

While waiting for the elevator, your little angels are sure to spot the fart corner. It's right outside the elevators.

Stand on the whoopee cushion design that integrated into the carpet and you'll hear a sound that will have your little boys giggling and giggling.

The elevator is an adventure of its own. Both elevators have disco balls and murals of a Lego disco. Step inside and you'll hear upbeat music -- maybe "YMCA" or "We Are Family" -- while riding to your floor.

Plan to boogie like John Travolta in the elevator.

Each of the five floors has a theme: Adventure, Pirate, Kingdom, or Lego Friends. Exit the lobby, and you'll be blasted with music that corresponds to the floor's theme. What's more, the carpeting, wall mural and door covers follow the storyline.

Here's some hallway carpet, to give you an example.

So then. The room. Various rooms have assorted levels of theming. All are spectacular -- especially the kiddie areas, which have bunk beds, a TV case and wall art fitting the rooms' theme.

The kid area of an Adventure room

The Adventure adult area

The adult area of a premium-level Adventure room

Each room has clever elements such as Lego bugs on the walls.

DSCN1708 (2)

Should your little offspring have little tushes, worry not. Toilets have two seat sizes.

Each room challenges children with a puzzle. I'm not sure how it works, but essentially they have to figure stuff out to get into a safe.

Which is topped by a Lego  model, of course

A girly room

Some hotel rooms overlook a scenic lake. Mine had a birds-eye view of the pool area. So festive!

DSCN1706 (2)

Apparently the giant floating Lego toys are hugely fun, and not sold retail.

All guests receive free access to the breakfast buffet in Bricks Family Restaurant. The large eatery, divided into sections, features models of a chef spilling food.

DSCN1715 (2)

Should all this happiness drive you nuts, beeline to the bar. Several local beers are on tap, and creative mocktails are available. The S'Mores with a graham cracker rim sounds tempting.

DSCN1716 (2)


Oh, you must see this. There is no ladies' room at the Legoland Hotel.

DSCN1741 (2)

Fun, right? My boys would have gone construction-frenzy-wild for this place when they were younger. In fact, they  might still like it now and they're grown. I sure did.

Legoland Hotel Florida is in Winter Haven, about 45 minutes south of Walt Disney World.

Delve in. Make life fun.