Outside the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We were lucky enough to be in Scotland the first three days of its annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Without going too wacky telling you how amazing the entire event is, I'll just say that 3,000 plays, concerts, comic acts and more are offered all over the city during August. We saw a wrenching drama, an inspiring Capella group, and good and awful comedy. Edingburgh Fringe Festival

(I do not know why this and art and one photo are flush left. They're centered like the others inside WordPress.)

What's more, the streets have shows of their own. Performers like magicians, mimes and singers do their bits on stages set out throughout the heart of the city.

Then there are the sales efforts. Actors, producers and paid marketers try like mad to get others to attend their Edinburgh Film Festival shows. To do that, many dress up in part, or in crazy ways, hoping to attract attention. If you notice, they hand you a card with details about their programming. Others perform elsewhere just for tips.

Here are a few iPhone snapshots of folks trying to get attention for their shows.

IMG_0451 (2)

IMG_0452 (2)

IMG_0455 (2)

IMG_0456 (2)

Look closely. This guy is plastered to a pole.

IMG_0457 (2)

IMG_0464 (2)

IMG_0463 (2)

Enjoy this picture show. If I return to Edigburgh, I might book a room for two solid weeks during Fringe.

Travel with an open mind,