Of Tip Yips and Blue Milk – Dining at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Space ships and villagers will invade Orlando starting this Thursday, as the land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens to the public with convincing landscaping, the first of two attractions, and overall immersion into Batuu.

Sounds super-cool, but what’s there to eat and drink?

Plenty, my friends. Plenty with super-fun names, in fact. Tip Yips. Fuzzy Tauntaun. Oi Oi Puffs – and oy vey, is that one delicious dessert. I polished off the entire thing backstage.

Proceed to the back of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (which I accidentally called by its old name, Disney MGM Studios, in the first video) and take a tour with me and, first, Chef Brian Piasecki, who helped create the food menu, and then, in the second, Master Sommelier Brian Koziol, who was integral in creating the beverages.

I know little Star Wars lingo so I won’t embarrass myself by making puns that might be pathetic. The food though? So far so good. I’d eat the ones I tasted again on my own dime, happily.

As for blue milk versus green milk: blue is fruity, green is minty. Try both. They’re frosty and refreshing.

P.S. The audio is often too low in both videos. I’m open if anyone wants to give me editing lessons. I trimmed these films and feel like a hero.