I Loved This Book: The Vacationers

How ridiculous is that? I picked up this book before I'd meant to and ended up adoring every page. You must read The Vacationers. The Vacationers by Emma Straub

I'd heard about The Vacationers, ordered a copy and kept it handy for the next time I head to the beach. I'm already in the middle of my friend Michael Cooney's inspiring yet comical story about his family's travels around the world, Cooney World Adventures Backpacking with Teens Through Latin America. Plus, I'm obligated to finish my book group's pick, Daniel James Brown's The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It's interesting and well-written, an insightful peek into the art of competitive rowing, but a little long for my taste.

Shall we mention the five books I'm partway through? I'll probably never see the final chapter of these.


Yet on Friday, I lucked out. I was sitting on a bench outside Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. I'd sent my son home to pick up for the packed suitcase I'd forgotten for my upcoming weekend at Streamsong Resort. Waiting for both my son and my ride, I realized my Kindle was in the MIA suitcase and the Cooney book was on my living room coffee table.

I opened up the embarrassing theme park tote I'd grabbed for items that didn't fit into my suitcase and found The Vacationers. I'd added it as back-up in case I by some miracle finished that rowing book.

The Vacationers has loads of angst, which is sort of my thing. Two main characters are a food writer (that's me) whose kid just graduated high school (I'm a few short weeks away). They also live on New York City's Upper West Side -- 75th Street, one block over from my former home.

That's not why I liked the book so much though. It's funny and insightful and biting and, again and again, right on target with its observations. My poor husband. I kept reading lines to him. I won't quote them to you. But if you like edgy smart comedy with a sizeable dose of drama. let Emma Straub entertain you.

I read most of mine here.

Pool cabana at Streamsong Resort

You'll like the book just as much on your couch, in your bed, at the beach, or aboard an airplane.

The Vacationers. Have fun. (Buy the hardcover. You will be passing this book around.)

Read enthusiastically,