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Tijuana Flats Lets You Make Your Own Tacos -- at Home

Tijuana Flats Lets You Make Your Own Tacos at Home

Orlando -- Now that Publix has gotten into the make-your-dinner-with-our-recipes-and-ingredients game a la Blue Apron and Plated, a local restaurant chain is joining the fray. Tijuana Flats will deliver Hardly Homemade meal kits via UberEATS.

Sort of. The Tijuana Flats version doesn't actually involve cooking. While traditional meal kits contain raw ingredients and the recipes in which to use them, Tijuana Flat's is more of a take-out meal for six, with a benefit: The tacos aren't preassembled so they'll be less soggy than if delivered assembled. Essentially, the food that needs to be chopped and heated (i.e. chicken) already is, so you can assemble your tacos at your kitchen table. The company recognizes this by using the tagline, "Hardly Homemade…but They Don’t Have to Know.” (Grammar alert: Those ellipses should be flanked by spaces.)

The platter is designed to serve six and costs $31.99. Order it from UberEATS or from stores directly.